Saturday, August 28, 2010

Philadelphia Dining Highlights

Graduate school this summer keeps me busy but not enough to totally ignore the culinary destinations not available to me in Florida.  MFA students cannot live on the Cantina and Paolo's alone.  Here are two places that stand out to me in the Center City area.

Pizzeria Stella (2nd & Lombard)

Polpette: sliced meatballs, ricotta, oregano, basil

Pistacho: pistachios, red onions, fontina

A Starr creation, Stella is pricy-tasty-hip wood fired pizza joint in the South Street area.  The Pistachio pie is amazing.  I never would have thought to top my pizza with nuts, but the salty crunch of the pistachios combined with the sweet red onions and the rich fontina cheese makes this pizza one I will order again.  Don't sit in the left back corner of the dining room, an AC drain pipe was dripping on our table.  Gross.  We were relocated immediately.  But, how hard is it to fix a drain pipe?

Pizzeria Stella on Urbanspoon

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