Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adventures in Mediocrity: Bombay Grille

I tried not to take it personally when we walked through the door of our new Indian eatery; the gentleman waiting ahead of us was already complaining about the lack of service.  But I was really, really craving some Chicken Tikka Masala.  We ignored it and was seated at a table, due to the lack of booths available (which I had requested).  Immediately our server suggested we have the buffet for dinner, since the wait for menu entrees was 40 minutes.  Seriously?  Despite the buffet's lack of Chicken Tikka Masala, we both ordered the buffet.  The buffet was okay.  We had naan served to us at the table.  Salad was weak, picked through.  Hot dishes were not refreshed or refilled once during our dining experience--the chicken curry was just sauce (it was lacking meat); it had been picked out by carnivorous diners.  A roasted chicken dish (no name tag) was lukewarm, at best.  The host inquired about our dinner, and I commented that I was disappointed that the wait for entrees was 40 minutes.  He responded that it was actually about an hour & fifteen minutes--they had a large take out order.  So I guess my advice is to order take-away from Bombay Grille; perhaps your order will have a higher priority than if you were dining in.  Was it tasty?  I guess.  Everything gets mixed together when eating from a buffet.  Will we return?  Probably not.  Anyone have a good recipe for Chicken Makhani?  At least when I cook for myself, I know my meal is a priority.

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  1. This place looked so mediocre from the outside that I didn't even bother to park. Which is surprising since the billboard from the Interstate really tantalizes the mind.

  2. Hey Eatty,
    Yeah, I saw it too! We gave it a second chance & went there for New Year's (due to an inexpensive deal I saw on Facebook). It was a lot better. I don't know if they needed more time to figure out how to run a restaurant, but there was a definite improvement. If you look on UrbanSpoon there are a bunch of reviews on the place, but it's only b/c they offer a freebie (app, drink, etc) if you print & bring in your review. Humph.