Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adventures in Mediocrity: Ivy Lane Bistro

It was a date night.  The sky was clear. The weather had left behind its usual thick Florida humidity.  Therefore, my request was that we could eat outside.  Live music would be a plus.  Ivy Lane Bistro fit both of my requests.  We sat at an outside table in the alley, where other diners sipped on wine and enjoyed the acoustic guitarist.  The table was dirty, and it was not automatically cleaned when we were greeted by a server :(  I was stoked that it was Ladies' Night, and I could enjoy a bottomless glass of wine and an entree for $20.  Awesome, especially since my HunBun was driving.  Unfortunately, this did not mean any entree.  You were limited to just a couple entrees, so I selected the Chicken Marsala ($16).  We chose the Cheese Spread Trio for our appetizer.  He chose the the Blue Flatbread.  I believe he found it acceptable, but I thought the crust was obviously purchased (not made in-house).  The cheese spread app featured some crackers and granola (??).  The chicken marsala was nice, but I prefer my own recipe.  The sauce was sweet, we were told that they use a sweeter Marsala wine for their sauce.  Eh.

To make a long story short, don't go to Ivy Lane Bistro if you are in the mood for prompt service.  There were 2 wait people for the place.  Our waitress was nice, but started talking to us about the new wine list and wine room for such a long time, that she forgot about the other table and they canceled their wine order.  The owner was there to socialize, and walked around leisurely, from table to table.  He hung around for toooo long at our table, chatting.

I don't feel that my experience was all that uncommon.  The next evening, a group of work associates dined there, only to have their entire party's check comp'd.  Everyone's meal was mixed up.  It was over 2 hours before their cheese plate was served.

I hope it was a good cheese plate.

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  1. Christine, Are you sure you want to name your blog Florida Foodie? Thus far, you haven't liked any food in Florida? I love Ivy Lane and Bombay! Ivy Lane just got a new manager a couple of weeks ago, and hopefully should get better and you have to give Bombay a break-they are brand new I will be interested in seeing what else you come up with!! :-)

  2. I love food, and I have positive reviews. I think you have just read my most recent, not-so-positive experiences. I was disappointed with the recent additions to the Daytona area.

  3. Thank you, Darlynn, for your support in Ivy Lane. I am an employee at Ivy Lane. I just recently returned after a six month split. I left because the previous manager was an absolute joke. Christine, you happened to dine during a rough time for Ivy Lane. We now have an awesome manager & we are on our way to being top notch. I love working there & I can truly say that I love working with my fellow employees.

  4. Dani!

    Thank you for your feedback! I think it is really important to like your job and enjoy the people you work with. I look forward to trying them again.

  5. I look forward to reading more! I am a foodie too and I just LOVE your background! Have a nice night!

  6. Hey Christine,

    I just recently tried out Ivy Lane Bistro and I must say I had a great time. I definitely recommend giving them another try with the next chance that arises. Check out my review at I think as a restaurant they've really found themselves!